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    With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for packaging boxes will continue to increase, and the quality of iron boxes also put forward higher requirements. The market pressure and difficult problems faced by carton www.canjinzhiji.com.cngangmoju.07858.netqinglongxia.37ix.com.cnbailixia.37ix.com.cnpackaging www.yuanlindiaosu.com.cnwww.fujuanji.net.cnenterprises are the increase of short-edition movable parts, the improvement of processing quality and the reduction of production cost. This requires the application of new technology in carton packaging production process to continuously improve the automation of equipment, reduce the adjustment time of equipment and the auxiliary preparation time of movable parts. Only by constantly adapting to the new changes in the market and meeting the requirements of different users, can the competitiveness of packaging enterprises be improved.