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    包裝盒定做的尺寸:  一般情況下包裝盒生產廠家是按照客戶的實際需求尺寸訂做,我們會根據客戶提供的尺寸來報價及制作,如果客戶給出的尺寸比較浪費紙,我們就會適當建議客戶在不影響使用的情況下修改尺寸,這樣盡量為客戶節約成本。
    Packaging box customized size: In general, the packaging box manufacturer is customized according to the actual demand size of customers, we will quote and make according to the size provided by customers. If wufangbuc.07858.net tongdiaojd.71ix.comtongdiaoc.71ix.com tongdiaoj.71ix.comtongxianglu.71ix.comtongdiaoo.71ix.comthe size given by customers is waste of paper, we will appropriately recommend that customers modify the size without affecting the use, so as to save the cost for customers as far as possible.