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    First, communicate with the manufacturer about the requirement of packing boxes.
    (1) First tell the manufacturer what kind of packaging boxes you need and what industries are they used in, such as food industry, specialty products, fruits or gifts? What materials are needed for packing boxes and which boxes are used? Generally, the packing box printer will ask if there are any samples for reference. If you can provide samples, you can customize according to the samples; otherwise, you need to design the packaging box first, and many packaging and printing companies will have the existence of design department, but some manufacturers charge for the design of the packaging box, and some do not charge for it.
    (2) Both sides need to finalize the number of printing boxes, as well as the delivery cycle, unit price and other issues.
    (3) Both sides should communicate in time, and the modification and determination of the plan need to communicate in time.
    (4) The design requirements should be more detailed, so that manufacturers can better complete customization.