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    Packaging box is the "coat" of a product. People depend on clothes, while beauty depends on beautiful clothes. Exquisite gifts also need a suitable gift box to set off. When people go shopping to buy gifts, the gift box is also a big attraction for them. Therefore, the gift box design must be eye-catching and useful. The planning and manufacturing of gift boxes is a delicate job,
    1. Safety protection of gift box
    Safety should be put first in any product. In the packaging planning of exquisite gifts, the safety and practical problems of storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and transportation should be considered according to the properties of the packaged gifts. The packaging of different gifts may require different packaging materials, which depends on the packaging materials and the attributes of the gift. Special attention should be paid to the moisture, shock, pressure, leakage and other issues of the gift, so as to ensure that the gift is perfect in any situation.
    2. The package of gift box should be humanized
    It is necessary to get used to the storage, transportation, exhibition and opening of gifts as well as the taking and opening of customers. Therefore, in the planning of gift boxes, it is necessary to make the proportion of box structure reasonable, the structure rigorous, and the modeling exquisite. It is necessary to highlight the beauty of shape and material, contrast and harmony, rhythm and rhythm, so as to achieve the box structure of gift box with complete functions and exquisite appearance, and then adapt to production, sales and even use. The common structure of gift box is mainly bag type, hanging type, open type, open window type, closed type or combination of several forms.